Electrical Transmission & Distribution products

Electrical Transmission & Distribution products

  • 11kV, 33kV 5MVA/10MVA transformers

  • 33kV, 11kV pin insulators

  • 36kV Insulator tension sets

  • Surge arrestors, drop out fuse

  • 11kV, 33kV XLPE cables

Bare conductor: copper stranded wire, AAC, AAAC, ACSR, diameter extension conductor, etc. Power cable: 1-500kV XLPE insulated cable with conductor section area up to 2500 mm 2Wire and cable for electrical equipments: plastic / silicon rubber insulated control cable, rubber sleeve cable, mine cable, etc. Special cable: flame-retardant cable, fully water-blocking cable, prefabricated branch cable, D.C. cable for rail transit, cable for wind power, etc.