Furnace flame TV monitoring device is a color industrial TV monitoring system that monitors the state of combustion in furnace in monitor screen of control room so as to find out and deal with combustion defect and avoid of accident.


Install periscope tube on the fire wall, transmit flame signal by optical system to CCD and transform it into signal by CCD and send it to the monitor screen in control room, then operators can see the real picture in furnace from the monitor screen in control room.

As the high work temperature, the device adopts cooling protection for video camera by meter wind. The video camera adopts pulse tube refrigerator. Adding meter wind from the inlet of the pulse tube refrigerator can form cold air immediately. Cooling the video camera by this method is free of maintenance.

The device is applicable to the flame monitoring of industrial furnaces of fuel coal, fuel oil, fuel gas boiler and other direct fuels.

System composition:

Video system: scene, periscope tube, video camera, safety cover, pulse tube refrigerator, etc.

Moving system: bracket, glide carrier, fire door;

Control system: control cabinet, display controlling cabinet (automatic exit type)

Air stopping system: stop valve, manometer, flexible metallic tube, etc.

Tie cable: video cable, control cable.