Boiler Leak Detection System

Acoustic Monitoring system uses the principle of collecting a variety of acoustic signals through a special furnace enhanced sonic sensor and converted into a current signal ; boiler operation on the basis of the elimination of the noise , the fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis to give an acoustic signal spectrum , and displayed in bar graph form ; through noise intensity , spectral characteristics and duration analysis and calculation determine tube leaks occurred , and determine the extent of the leak and the leakage area location , so that power plant operators to take timely protective measures to prevent accident and shorten repair time and reduce economic losses.

System mainly consists of two parts :

1, The signal acquisition system ( including enhanced sensor and waveguide )

Enhanced Integrated Sensor

  • Reducing the local equipment interface

  • Simplifying the system architecture of the machine

  • Enhanced system reliability

  • Electromagnetic interference isolation site

Automatic ash coke waveguide

Boiler to special conditions , suggested the use of electric -type waveguide , manual / automatic ; cast automatic boiler combustion conditions should be based on the choice of a set time interval (1-30 days) , periodic cleaning to achieve the waveguide decoke .

2. XLE Boiler Tube Leakage Automatic Alarm Device

◆ The leak sound spectrum

◆ Leak area location determination

◆ Tracking trends leak

◆ DCS system communication function

◆ Remote troubleshooting capabilities

◆ Real-time sound monitor furnace

◆ Device system self-test