RIGAS Co., Ltd has the capability to manufacture and analyze various specifications of liquid and gas standard substances and supplies products in which customers can have confidence by application of

unique special cylinder inner-surface treatment technology essential for improving stability of low concentration reactive gases.

Company also manufactures all standard gases in gravimetric method using high precision high capacity scale and guarantees the accuracy for the concentration of every components by quantifying and

verifying it with various gas analyzers.

Product Line

  1. Atmospheric Environmental Calibration Standards

  2. Automobile Exhaust Gas Standards

  3. Petrochemical and Natural Gas Standards

  4. Laser Gas Mixtures

  5. Odor Standards

  6. Volatile Organic Compound Standards (VOCs)

  7. Other Gas Mixtures

    • Illuminating Gas Mixtures

    • Semiconductor Gas Mixtures

    • Research and Development Gas Mixtures

    • High Purity Gases

    • Toxic Gases

    • Rare Gases

    • Hydrocarbons

RIGAS Regulator for Calibration Gases