OEM Solutions Lanka (PVT) Ltd is a company that focuses on electric products, automation products and solutions. We see significant opportunity in the future of the Sri Lankan industry, focusing on faster connectivity and wide variety of applications and solutions for industry. We are capable of supplying with a wide variety of top quality industrial products from reputed suppliers. We have the experience and a high level of application know-how form the basis of our comprehensive portfolio for every requirement.

Electric Actuators

Our company can supply SND Z, Q, DQ series intelligent actuators, EPEF actuators 2 SA3 series

electric rotary actuators which can be used in gas & Oil Company, power plants, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and water treatment. We can supply the top quality products from China depending of the customer’s application. Read More

Industrial Automation Solutions

The company provides engineering support to a number of distributed products in the process control and communication fields. Products like PLC’s, Ethernet switches, Wireless routers, Electrical monitoring equipment and various sensors ensure that the people in the organization are being kept up-to-date with the latest technology developments at all time. Read More

Electrical Transmission & Distribution products

Bare conductor: copper stranded wire, AAC, AAAC, ACSR, diameter extension conductor, etc. Power cable: 1-500kV XLPE insulated cable with conductor section area up to 2500 mm 2Wire and cable for electrical equipments: plastic / silicon rubber insulated control cable, rubber sleeve cable, mine cable, etc. Special cable: flame-retardant cable, fully water-blocking cable, prefabricated branch cable, D.C. cable for rail transit, cable for wind power, etc. Read More