1. 1. Anti spray type armored thermocouples (IEC 584)

  2. 2. Water proof type armored thermocouples

  3. 3. Armored thermocouples with compensating wire

  4. 4. Thermocouples with threaded connector

  5. 5. Armored thermocouples with movable flange/Fixed flange

  6. 6. Thermocouples with protection tube.

  7. 7. Thermocouples specially designed for power stations under high temperature & pressure(Turbines/Boilers/FGD/Motors/Pumps)

  8. 8. Armored thermal resistance (IEC 751)

(Available Body material 1Cr18Ni9Ti/SS316L/316)

Bimetallic thermometers

Pressure Transmitters

Stainless Steel Shock proof General Pressure gauges/Pressure vacuum gauges

Electric contact pressure gauge (Available Body material 1Cr18Ni9Ti/SS316L/316)

Liquid level indicators


1. Side mounted / top mounted magnetic floating ball liquid level indicators

(Available Body material 1Cr18Ni9Ti/SS316L/316/PVC)

2. Magnetic floating ball type liquid level transmitter

3. Magnetic floating ball controllers

4. Floating ball liquid level controller

Temperature controllers