Dosing pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps with a variable flow rate that can be adjusted when the pump is running or stopped, used for the accurate addition of liquids to continuous or batch processes. The huge variety of fluids that the pumps can handle includes the usual chemicals, as well as viscous, slurry-laden, abrasive, corrosive, pyrophoric, radioactive and other substances.

Backed by over 50 years' experience and technical know-how, MILTON ROY EUROPE has developed an extensive range of dosing pumps. Our standard or modular products will meet your every need and fit your technical and financial specifications.

Dosing pump performance range

Doses from 0.009 ml/h to over 70,000 l/h and pressures from 7 torr to 930 bar at temperatures ranging from -70°C to over 300°C.

Electromagnetic Dosing Pumps

LMI pumps - NEW: DSD Technology®

EXCEL™ pumps


 Motor-Driven Dosing Pumps

- Mechanical diaphragm:
Series G™ pumps

- Hydraulic diaphragm:

Series G™A and G™M pumps - NEW: DSD Technology®

MAXROY® pumps
mROY® pumps

- Modular design:
MILROYAL® pumps - NEW: DSD Technology®