The Logika Technologies Furnace Camera System (FCS) is designed for use in steel, aluminum and other metal mill production lines, allowing operators to observe materials in furnaces. It can also be used to monitor combustion in power and boiler operations. It includes a rugged enclosure protecting a high resolution camera that will withstand the harsh ambient conditions present in heavy industrial environments.

The Camera System includes water cooling and air purge to enable the camera to work in the hostile environments around industrial furnaces. Temperature sensors and an Automatic Retraction System provide insurance against overheating. Localized electrical and pneumatic panels simplify installation.

Applications include:

  • . Steel – Blast, Melt and Reheat Furnaces
  • . Cement – Clinker Cooler, Rotary Kiln
  • . Power Generation – Combustion Monitoring
  • . Glass – Float Glass Line
  • . Waste Combustion – Grate Firing
  • . Clay and Ceramics – Kiln Monitoring